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Our creative blend of common sense psychology with management and communication principles has encouraged business people and other professionals to: supervise effectively, increase motivation, improve productivity, solve problems, and resolve conflicts. The "people skills" concepts in this program are easy to understand. They will help you to communicate effectively with others - your boss, peers, subordinates, customers and your own family members.

Do Some of These Problems Confront Your Organization?

  • People don't say it straight, so they show it crooked.
  • Employees are promoted to management but are not trained to manage.
  • Responsibility is not clearly delineated or authorized.
  • People and departments compete rather than cooperate.
  • Employees are not self motivated.
  • Agreements aren't kept.
  • Compliments are rarely given to the boss, peers or subordinates.
  • Decisions which impact others are made without appropriate involvement.
  • Customers and employees are confronted in ways, which invite defensiveness.
  • Ineffective behavior is blamed on others or is justified.

    Our aim is to provide guidelines to resolve these and many other issues.

    Psychometric Testing

  • Individual and/or group/organization assessment - staff 'auditing' according to agreed criteria.
  • Testing of candidates for required positions - support in selection.
  • Changing or creation of a new image of a manager.


    One-hour free presentations are for decision making people in an organization, HR, Training and other managers. We prefer to custom design presentations to meet the special needs of diverse audiences.

    The topics:
  • Stress/Burnout/Motivation
  • Stages of Group Development
  • Team Building Tips
  • Live in the here and now
  • Organizational Games People Play
  • Coping with Change

    Individual Consulting

    Individual consulting is designed for managers to be more effective and efficient on the job.

    The following topics are involved:
  • Self-regulation and relaxation techniques
  • Career development issues
  • Changing self-image
  • Creating self-support system
  • Confronting 'resistible' employees
  • When to closely supervise and when to delegate
  • 'Pseudocompetency' syndrome or how to cope with personal fears

    Mediation of disputes, misunderstandings. Prognosis of effective partnership.

    Business Analysis and Strategic Planning

  • Analysis of groups/departments, their structure and communication channels, organizational script and its influence on the mission and success of organization

    Corporate on-site seminars

    The following seminars and training are offered as an educational approach to organizational development. The training is intended to increase operational efficiency, employee effectiveness, and personal satisfaction, thereby benefiting the entire organization and ultimately, the 'bottom line'.

    The principles apply to all organizations. The creative blend of Transactional Analysis, behavioral approaches, management and communication principles, N.L.P., Gestalt-Therapy and common sense allow to conduct training in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. These sessions provide opportunities to for small groups discussions, practice exercises, role playing, and on-going opportunity for questions and answers.

    The optimal number of participants is 10 - to 15.

    Executive / Management Training and Seminars
    (A must for organizational change)

    1. Understanding yourself and others - don't turn stress into distress.
    2. How to communicate effectively with employees, employers, peers, customers/clients - how to listen and establish rapport with people who are being 'resistible'.
    3. Increase motivation and productivity - how to compliment, the art of tactful confrontation and leadership.
    4. Management principles for successful managers/supervisors - pitfalls in supervision, team building concepts, creating a give-and-take atmosphere, decision making, leading productive meetings.
    5. Constructive problem solving - identify problems, decide on solutions, and develop a specific plan of action for organization.
    6. Organizational problems solving. Analysis of departments, communication channels and blocks, staff 'auditing'.
    7. Goal setting and time management - how to set viable, quantifiable goals and develop a structure for implementing these.
    8. Team Building. Creating Team Spirit. Breaking down barriers and increasing trust.
    9. Organizational games, discounting, drama triangle and problem solving in the work place.
    10. How to sell in hard times - the five steps in making a sale and keeping it closed.
    11. Telephone sales and negotiations.
    12. Interviewing Skills - how to select competent professional and good people to your organization.

    The training includes CONSULTATIONS with participants. The there-fold purpose of these sessions are: to develop insights in the organization so as to custom design the program; to determine individual goals; to provide an opportunity for coaching and feedback.

    Fees guidelines:   Individual Consulting - $60 per hour plus V.A.T.
                              Training - from $1000 per day plus V.A.T.

    OOO "Business.Consulting.Training" 2001
    Tel.: (812) 320-2608
    E-mail: post@bct.ru
    Web-site: www.bct.ru

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